Swisher Pull Behind ATV Grass Mower | Attachment for Finish Cut Lawn

Riding ATVs sure can be a lot of fun. Beyond that they can also be very useful. With a pull behind mower attachment for your quad, you can take care of your lawn with it and turn it into a veritable mowing machine. These tow behind lawnmowers are especially useful for larger tracts of land which take a four wheeler no time at all to cut.The Swisher 44 Inch 11.5 HP Trailmower with 12-Volt Engine Starter is an excellent product enhancement for an ATV. It has twin blades which provide finish cut quality for your lawn. For the price, you can’t beat what this thing can do.

Product Features

  • 44 cutting deck mower for use with an ATV, lawn tractor, or other utility vehicle
  • For large lawns and meadows and handles grass up to 6 inches in height
  • Exclusive bumper/roller system protects against damage to trees and shrubs
  • Rugged steel construction