• Sarah Palin Riding an ATV

    This is my kind of woman. Sarah Palin drinks beer and bourbon, hunts and fishes, races snowmobiles, raise 5 children, run a governor’s office, and of course rides four wheelers. And apparently she and her husband owned a snowmobile, watercraft, and ATV business from 1994-97.

    Sounds like she’d make a very interesting VP. Should be a very interesting race.


    1. Kawasaki ATV:

      She’s a great woman! That’s the girl every man dreams of right there!

      Kawasaki ATV

    2. Bob Andrews:

      ATV made for one and no safety gear. Photogenic but perhaps a questionable decision maker.

    3. 7 Of Barack Obama’s Dorkiest Moments | Right Wing News:

      [...] a four wheeler, powering it across a muddy stream after an off-roading session — kind of like Sarah Palin. President Nerdly Nerdison, on the other hand, looks like such a tool on a bike that he probably [...]

    4. Molly Zin:

      Heaven forbid anyone should ever do anything without safety gear. It’s amazing anyone ever survived before safety gear. And oh my gosh! Two people on an ATV! Someone should lock that woman up for her own safety!!!!

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