What do you get when you combine an ATV with a big elastic cord?

An Extreme ATV Swing. Absolutely amazing!

It seems Chinese quality and safety concerns are not limited only to toys, toothpaste, and pet food. Now Chinese ATVs are being scrutinized by the U.S. government. Are these concerns legitimate or are they just trying to prevent lower priced foreign manufacturers from competing in the market?

Polaris has delivered militarized ATVs to the U.S. Army. The MVRS800 is the latest addition to their family of Ultra Light Tactical Vehicles. Pretty cool.

11 year old Caleb Keen has won a school geography bee. Interestingly, he credits his years of ATV racing for his achievement. Who knew ATVs could be so educational?

ATV Blog Web has posted some sensible safety tips about kids riding ATVs. We can never be too careful about the safety of our children. Check it out.

A post on The Rural Blog suggests that not only would building ATV trails in national forests and other public areas be good for attracting adventure tourists, but would also reduce damage to natural areas too. Can’t argue with that. More trails are always a good idea.