Why Wear Gloves?

All gloves have one thing is common – they are all designed to protect your hands. Motocross riding gloves are no different and they are specially designed to protect your hands from the types of tasks and situations that commonly face ATV riders. The primary benefit is that in the event of a slide or crash, they will provide some abrasion protection. Riding gloves will also keep you from getting blisters and bruises and will protect your hands from debris in the event of an off road spill off your quad.

What to look for

A sport type glove is usually lightweight, vented, and tight fitting. They often have padding of protective soft plastic pads or gel padding for added comfort and shock absorbing. Fox and Thor are two of the better known brands.

Where to find a deal

The Internet has an absolutely huge selection of ATV / MX gloves of all types including some very cheap ones. This includes youth gloves for the kids as well as womens and men’s adult sizes. Gloves are available in yellow, blue, pink, or any other color you can think of.