This is an interesting story. 21 year old John Wipf from Vallyford Washington went missing while riding an ATV near the home of his relatives.

Rescue crews unfortunately called off the official search for on Saturday night. Lucky for Wipf, members of his church and family refused to give up and continued looking for him. They found him at the bottom of a small ravine Sunday afternoon.

Apparently, he was riding down a steep hill and flipped and rolled. He was thrown from the quad and hadn’t moved from the bottom of the hill for four days. He was taken to a hospital and is in serious condition.

He was lucky to have such dedicated friends and family.

New Yamaha 2009 YFZ450R ATV Introduced

Yamaha Motor Corp has finally announced the long awaited 2009 YFZ450R at its national dealer meeting in Las Vegas. This beautiful machine was built for high performance and boasts numerous improvements over previous models.

The new 450R is almost three inches wider overall than the YFZ450 and the stance on this one motocross-ready. Made from lightweight aluminum, the frame allows the engine to sit lower for great mass centralization.

The YFZ450R’s features design improvements that make this ATV more comfortable. It’s made to be much roomier and has lots of space to hang off in the corners. Riders can choose their favorite position with the adjustable four position handlebars. Vibrations have also been reduced.

This 449cc engine gives amazing power output.

Detailed specs, photos, and videos can be found at Yamaha’s site.