Levi McDermott from Texarkana seems to think so. He was riding his Yamaha Rhino 660 on a gravel parking lot and suffered an injury when he tipped over, trapping his leg under the quad. He’s now filed a lawsuit against Yamaha seeking damages for medical expenses, physical pain and suffering, physical disability, lost capacity to enjoy life, loss of wages and earning capacity, mental anguish, and fear.

The suit alleges that the defendants should have known that the Rhino “created life-threatening conditions and situations, including the Rhino’s tendency to roll over in slow-speed turns on flat surfaces.”

The lawsuit alleges that the ATV is defective from a center of gravity that is too high, is too top heavy and has tires that are too small. In addition, the complaint argues the ATV would be safer if the manufacturers would have added diagonal bars, doors or handles, which would have offered consumers additional protection.