Fox Racing V3 Motocross Helmet | Light But Heavy Duty Head Protection 1

fox-v3-helmet.JPGFox Racing makes some of the coolest motocross helmets in the market and the V3 is no exception. These are very light weight at only 2.9 pounds. The removable and washable comfort liners and check pads are a plus too. Offering the very highest standards of protection, the Fox V3 mx helmet exceeds both Snell and DOT standards. The super wide eye port maximizes your peripheral vision while you ride.

Product Features

  • Strong, lightweight composite Carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiberglass outer shell construction
  • Multi-channel internal EPS liner helps distribute air through the entire helmet
  • Superior cooling with smart venting system including 10 intake ports and four exhausts.
  • Adjustable intake vents open up for airflow; lock down to retain heat in cold conditions
  • Titanium D-rings and visor screws keep weight to a minimum
  • Exceeds Snell 2005 and DOT standards

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  • Marci Yashinski

    Looking for a Mens Large Fox -Encore 2 Carmichael RC Replica Helmet – it is the one with the checkered flag across the top….