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Motocross Chest Protectors

Chest protectors, also called roost deflectors, are worn over or under a jacket and provide extra crash protection for your chest, shoulders, and back. The best ones are typically made from flexible plastic and use suspended mesh or foam padding. Adult sizes are available as well as youth sizes for the kids. Brands include Fox and Thor.

If you only use an ATV for working on the farm, a chest protector is probably unnecessary. But the extra protection is advisable gear for off road, racing or other sporting and motocross type activities involving ATVs or dirt bikes. In the event of a crash, it will greatly reduce the chance of injury, especially one equipped with shoulder and elbow pads.

What to Look for in a Chest Protector

  • Lightweight
  • Quick release snaps for easy on and easy off
  • Vented front and back give a very comfortable ride
  • Soft and comfortable inside padding for added comfort
  • Fully adjustable to allow a comfortable fit for a variety of sizes

Where to Buy Chest Protectors

We’ve also listed a variety of chest protectors below from some other good internet retailers.