What is a poker run?

A poker run is a kind of event where participants go from one checkpoint to another to draw a playing card from a deck of 52. The winner is the person who has the best poker hand in the end, therefore the timing is not important. There are some limits of course – one must come in time for handing out the prizes 😉 Nevertheless there is always enough time to easily get to all the stops. The trail is predefined with 5 to 7 checkpoints. The riders are usually informed in detail where they are located, but sometimes there are only some clues given to make the run more like a scavenger hunt. To take part in a poker run you have to pay a fee. The money is used to organize the race, prepare food and refreshments, and buy the prizes. Detailed rules may vary, for example sometimes there is also a prize for the lowest hand. Other times riders roll dice at each stop instead of collecting cards. The winner is the rider with the highest score after all the checkpoints.

The first poker runs were organized for motorcyclists, but as ATV riding is getting popular, there is also a need to organize these kinds of events for the ATV enthusiast. What is important is that you do not need to have a very expensive vehicle to take part in the run as it is more about fun and meeting people who share the same hobby rather that about high performance.

ATV poker rides – for charities

Often part of the collected funds goes to aid organizations. Sometimes, if there are some sponsors, even all of the money collected from participants can go to charity. An example of such event is the West Virginia ‘Ride for a Cause’ – it is a poker run for ATVs and UTVs that benefits the ‘Make-A-Wish’ foundation. The first ‘Ride for a Cause’ was held in 2008 and raised $11,000. The sponsors include Polaris, Route 119 Powersports, Airgas, and Jackson County. Another example is a poker run in Smelterville, Idaho that took place on May 22nd, 2010. The profits benefited the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital. The event was sponsored by one of the leading ATV producers – Can-Am.

Written by Mascus.com.