ATV Heated Hand Grips | For Warmer Comfortable Hands

heated-grips.gifYou’ll enjoy winter ATV riding more if you use the proper equipment like heated handgrips. They’re also handy on cool summer mornings until the day warms up enough to cut the power to the grips.

Heated grips work through a wire that’s connected to the battery via a fuse. This sends power to the grip’s small heaters and become nice and warm after about five minutes.

Hot Grips will keep your hands warm and comfortable when the weather turns cold and are adjustable to deliver up to 30 Watts of heat. The approximately 5 inch long black thermoplastic rubber grips easily slip onto the handlebars

Grips hook up to 12-volt electrical system-minimal amp draw. They will typically have a Off/high/low switch. They fit ATV handlebars with thumb-throttle and are sold in pairs.

There are plenty of companies that make aftermarket grips for your quad. They all have unique features which may or may not appeal to you. eBay Motors is a good place to compare different ones.

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