Roost Deflector Review

Whether riding an ATV or a dirt bike, a good chest protector (AKA roost deflector) can save you from serious injuries in the event of a crash. You’ll be glad you had the right protection after a bad enough spill.

Chest protectors don’t have to feel restrictive. This one from Alpinestars gives freer shoulder mobility because it was designed with articulated front and rear panels. This pivoting shoulder design is very unrestrictive.

That’s not the only feature that enhances your comfort. All contact areas are padded with bio-foam. You’ll also feel much cooler because of the build in ventilation. The upper arm protectors can be removed too, but for safety reasons, it’s better to leave them on.

Features of the Alpinestars Chest Protector

  • Pivoting shoulder design
  • Comfortable bio-foam padding
  • Removable upper arm protectors
  • Can be worn as an under or over style roost deflector
  • Adult and youth sizes are available
  • Colors: Red, Blue, Black