• Off-Roading For Beginners – Things to Check Before You Go

    By David Thorson

    Off-roading can be a great deal of fun as long as you are organized before you go. It’s a great way to see out-of-the-way beauty spots and an interesting way to plan a family picnic, as long as you are prepared.

    The type of off-road experience you can expect depends largely on both the size and toughness of your vehicle. If your 4×4 is a fairly new model it may not be up to serious off-roading; many new models are more into off road appearance rather than capability. If you are really serious about this challenging hobby, buy an older model and keep it strictly for that purpose; you need a chassis frame built to withstand all the punishment of the off-road obstacles that you will certainly encounter. Prepare your vehicle and yourself so this experience is one you’ll look forward to again and again.

    Before leaving home think carefully about the following:

    · How well do you know your vehicle? You need to know both its limits and yours.

    · You must know how to use ALL the controls and know how the system works.

    · Know where the jack and the spare tire are and how to use them.

    · Know the approximate size and dimensions of your vehicle so that you can get through tight areas with ease.

    · Know where the lowest point of clearance is, probably the differential casing.

    · Practice using the low ratio gearbox and if it is equipped with manual locking hubs, try them out also.

    · It is wise to know where your engine’s computer and air intake are so that you will know the maximum depth of water you can get across.

    · Keep your hoses, belts and filters well maintained and remember to top up all your fluids.

    · Be sure to pack emergency supplies as you never know whether you will find yourself stuck without help.

    · Try not to go it alone, try to travel with at least one other vehicle, the more the merrier, and have at least one other passenger with you.

    · Make all the necessary checks on your vehicle, check tires for correct pressure including the spare, check underneath for leaks and check steering and brakes.

    · When you pack distribute the weight evenly and if you have added a roof rack make sure you take into consideration the extra height.

    · Make sure you know where you are at all times and be aware that what may look like a small journey on a map could take hours in a Four Wheel Drive – allow plenty of time for safe travel.

    · Never try a maneuver that you have any misgivings about, backing off early is the wise thing to do and that accepting that a maneuver is impossible will probably prevent damage to your vehicle and more important still, personal injury.

    · Get a weather forecast for the area you intend to go to and be sure to carry some means of communication. A CB radio equipped with the weather service is ideal

    Finally, always let someone know where you are going and arrange a time to contact them. Take the Sheriffs number in case of an emergency, and if you do find yourself in this situation DO NOT make the pre-arranged phone call as they might not send out the emergency teams, thinking you no longer need them.

    As long as you make the right preparations, you’ll find off-roading is an enjoyable hobby as well as something you can share with the whole family.

    Always think safety first and make sure your primary ATV vehicle is equipped with a CB Base Station. Having a base CB radio will allow you to monitor the weather or call for help if necessary.

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    ATV Poker Runs – Getting Popular

    What is a poker run?

    A poker run is a kind of event where participants go from one checkpoint to another to draw a playing card from a deck of 52. The winner is the person who has the best poker hand in the end, therefore the timing is not important. There are some limits of course – one must come in time for handing out the prizes ;-) Nevertheless there is always enough time to easily get to all the stops. The trail is predefined with 5 to 7 checkpoints. The riders are usually informed in detail where they are located, but sometimes there are only some clues given to make the run more like a scavenger hunt. To take part in a poker run you have to pay a fee. The money is used to organize the race, prepare food and refreshments, and buy the prizes. Detailed rules may vary, for example sometimes there is also a prize for the lowest hand. Other times riders roll dice at each stop instead of collecting cards. The winner is the rider with the highest score after all the checkpoints.

    The first poker runs were organized for motorcyclists, but as ATV riding is getting popular, there is also a need to organize these kinds of events for the ATV enthusiast. What is important is that you do not need to have a very expensive vehicle to take part in the run as it is more about fun and meeting people who share the same hobby rather that about high performance.

    ATV poker rides – for charities

    Often part of the collected funds goes to aid organizations. Sometimes, if there are some sponsors, even all of the money collected from participants can go to charity. An example of such event is the West Virginia ‘Ride for a Cause’ – it is a poker run for ATVs and UTVs that benefits the ‘Make-A-Wish’ foundation. The first ‘Ride for a Cause’ was held in 2008 and raised $11,000. The sponsors include Polaris, Route 119 Powersports, Airgas, and Jackson County. Another example is a poker run in Smelterville, Idaho that took place on May 22nd, 2010. The profits benefited the Shriner’s Children’s Hospital. The event was sponsored by one of the leading ATV producers – Can-Am.

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    10th Anniversary of WORCS Racing

    World Off Road Championship Series (WORCS) Racing is one of the biggest national off road ATV racing series in the United States. It is a competition both for amateurs and professionals who are “The Fastest Racers on the Planet.” It was established in 2001, so 2010 is a celebration year – the Series is 10 years old.

    As the organizers claim, the WORCS is organized “to promote safe, family fun off road sporting events. Our emphasis on timeliness and generally great racing overall is an effort to be the place for racers to get noticed by the factories and those companies that sponsor off road racers.”

    The first ATV race of the season took place in January in Phoenix, Az. 7-time WORCS Champion – Doug Eichner – has just announced retirement, so it’s hard to predict who will be the winner at the end of the year.

    2010 WORCS Racing Schedule

    1. Jan. 22nd – 24th, Speedworld Raceway, Phoenix, Az
    2. Feb. 26th – 28th, Buffalo Bills Resort Casino, Stateline, Nv (new track)
    3. Mar. 19th – 21st, Crazy Horse Campground, Lake Havasu, Az
    4. Apr. 23rd – 25th, Racetown 395, Adelanto, Ca
    5. May 21st – 23rd, Honeylake MX, Milford, Ca
    6. Jun. 4th – 6th, Cahilla Creek, Temecula, Ca (new track)
    7. Jul. 23rd – 25th, Straddleline ORV Park, Olympia, Wa
    8. Sept. 24th – 25th, Glen Helen, Devore, Ca
    9. Oct. 15th – 17th, Mesquite MX, Mesquite, Nv

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    Youth Thor Quadrant Riding Boots | MX Footwear for Kids


    It’s important that our kids learn to wear good boots when riding an ATV. They help keep the foot and ankle properly protected. My boys just love their new 08 Thor Quadrant boots.

    Made especially for the needs of youth riders, these mid-level boots have some very nice features. They’re nice looking and feature genuine split grain leather construction. They also have a pre-curved shin plate and action pivot buckle bases with aluminum buckles. They’re very comfortable and didn’t take long to break in at all. And I feel better about them four wheeling on the trails when they’re wearing them.

    Other Features

    • Elastic gaiter to keep out the dirt and debris
    • Split grain leather head shield gives extra comfort and protection
    • Unidirectional outsole complete with steel shank insert
    • Injection molded medial abrasion plate & integrated shift protector
    • Adjustable positive-lock aluminum buckles
    • Colors: Black, Red, or White

    More Info

    Environmentalist Challenge Halts ATV Mecca

    A national environmentalist group called the Center for Biological Diversity has challenged a plan to build a 1-mile designated county trail through two plots of National Forest lands.

    The center contends the Forest Service isn’t following its own rules. It complains the  agency failed to designate motorized trails within an allotted three-year period when the dunes NRA management plan was passed in 1994; a section of the land the trail would pass through is designated MA 10C, which is closed to motorized use; and that the trail violates the Forest Service’s 2001 Roadless Rule.

    But a Biological Diversity attorney bluntly said these points of contention are just a means to an end. The group opposes ATV access into what it considers to a be a fragile and unique habitat, and will do anything it can to throw a wrench in the works.

    “It’s a way to be heard,” said lawyer Andrew Orahoske, who’s heading up the group’s anti-Riley Ranch campaign. “The primary concern is that the Forest Service has done a poor job in managing offroad vehicles in the dunes since the dunes NRA was created. …

    Sounds like the environmentalists won’t be happy until they’ve ruined everyone’s fun.

    [Source: The World]

    Safe ATV Shipping

    Its holiday season: time for winter vacations and gift giving, two activities in which many ATV enthusiasts often incorporate their vehicles. Whether you are planning a hunting trip, a family escape from the city or a new off-road purchase, you may be faced with shipping your ATV. If this is the case for you, it is important that you know how to keep your ATV safe from theft and damage while it is in transport. This applies to when you are hauling your vehicle yourself and if you have decided to contract a moving professional.

    One of the essential elements of moving an ATV are soft ties. These straps are specially designed to be durable enough to secure an ATV to a trailer while at the same time being non-abrasive to the more fragile exterior parts. These ties are used by most professional shippers and are available online and at any outdoor outfitter.

    Another element to keep in mind when shipping an ATV is open versus closed trailers. If you transporting the vehicle a short distance than open trailers are just fine, just be sure to use a soft cover to protect it from debris and wind. However, if the distance increases or there is a risk of rough weather you should consider a closed trailer. Closed trailers not only provide protection from wind, rain and ice, but they also greatly decrease the chances of an ATV being stolen during a stop. Theft rates generally increase around the holidays, so be sure that any company you hire is taking these precautions as well.

    In the event that you do hire a company to transport your ATV they will provide you with a checklist of additional steps to be taken before the shipment. These may include but are not limited to: draining the gas tank, removing or charging the battery and a maintenance check-up. Make sure you are clear on everything ahead of time. Also, as business tends to pick-up around Christmas it is always a good idea to book everything as far out as possible.

    Happy holidays and safe riding.

    Written by Ben Leffler of uship.com, an online marketplace for ATV Shipping.

    Are Kids ATV Size Guidelines Right?

    A Study for the University of Kentucky claims that the current national standards that link a riders age to the size of the engine they can handle aren’t as good as they should be. Researchers suggested that this undermines safety and increases the odds of serious crashes.

    Initial experiments from the study found that the national standards linking a rider’s age to the size of an ATV’s engine often overlook whether the driver is too tall – or too short – to adequately brake, steer or accelerate the machine.

    While the study doesn’t question the need for age standards, it concludes sometimes even an adult-sized frame should be combined with a child-sized motor, or the reverse.

    “That’s a very awkward situation,” said Andrew Bernard, a trauma surgeon at the university who led the study. “The kid feels naturally like he fits the bigger one, but the engine feels way overpowered.”

    Here are the current standards:

    • Ages 6-11: Under 70cc
    • Ages 12-15: 70 to 90cc
    • Ages 16 and older: Over 90cc

    I guess we’ll see if there’ll be any changes to this.

    [Source: Miamiherald.com]

    Youth ATV Chest Protector | Shift Pee Wee Roost Deflector

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